We would like to thank you for choosing Nash Hill to meet your boarding needs. We truly appreciate your business. In an effort to maximize communication this page is for you! Here, along with on our events page, you will find information that will help you stay informed of things going on here at Nash Hill.

Helmet PolicyIt is our policy that anyone age 18 (this means up until the day you turn 18) and under wear an ASTM approved and properly secured helmet while riding on property owned by Dr. Jeffrey & Lori Menoff. 

Boarding Forms can now be found on our Boarding page.

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We encourage you to bring your friends and family to Nash Hill to share your love of horses. If your friend or family member intends to ride please have them complete Form 1. Guests. If you are coming to Nash Hill to use our arena with your horse please complete Form 2. These forms can be left in the secure lock box outside the office door if the office is closed. Form 3 is for anyone wanting to rent a horse owned by Dr. Jeffrey or Lori Menoff. 

Form 1. Guests: Release of Liability: If you allow anyone to ride your horse please complete this form and if nobody is in the office slip it in the lock box located by the office door. Please complete one per person

Form 2. Arena Rental: Release of Liability: If you are not boarding at Nash Hill but would like to come to ride in our arena please complete this form. 

Form 3.  Menoff Owned Horse: Release of LiabilityIf you lease a horse a horse owned by Nash Hill and bring a guest to ride please complete this form. 

Info for Our Boarders...
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Lessons and Stuff

​ARENA CLOSINGS: Please check the white board by the door to the viewing room in the wash rack area for current arena closings.

Our weekly lesson schedule is posted on the calendar right outside the viewing room door. If  you have any questions about lessons please feel free to contact us. 

We also host the Down the Rail 4H Club and the Western New York Equestrian Team Interscholastic Equestrian Center team. They practice on Sunday mornings and if there is a 4H meeting it usually follows the IEA practice in the viewing room. For questions about either of these programs please contact Heather at 716-640-1133.  

If you are interested in reining please contact Kim or Kelly Hedges at 716-868-5273. Reining riding times will also be posted by the Hedges (usually weekend mornings) on the white board. 

Farrier/Veterinarian Appointment Information: We post information about the farrier and vet on the board by the tack room.

Riding Instructors: If you are interested in having a riding instructor come to work with you please let us know. We require all instructors to provide a copy of their insurance policies before teaching at Nash Hill.  

Lease Program Available: Have any friends that want to ride but don't have a horse? We have a new lease program to tell you about! For only $225 per month, you can lease a horse and work with it as if it were your very own. (There is also a $10 tack rental fee per month).The lease includes use of the horse, two lessons with a professional instructor and is a lot cheaper than investing in purchasing a horse. It is also a great way to ride with friends! For more information on leasing see our Horse Leasing page or contact Amy or Heather.

Show Opportunities Available: If you are interested in showing we can make it happen. Please call us for further details.  

Gift Certificates are Available at the Office. This is a great gift idea for any one wanting to experience the world of horses. 

Boarding:  Boarding is decided on a first-come, first serve basis.

We have recently changed our primary phone number from 716-257-5257 to 716-257-5256